We have been in real estate sector since 2003 as a major supplier of electronics, property protection systems, IT services; and have observed a growing need for professional property management services. Therefore, we transformed our combined experience in IT and cross-sectoral counselling into a management business.

We already have a property portfolio with over 20 private properties and 4 villa complexes. We understand that as you buy a property in Kuşadası (be it your second home or your investment instrument), you want to be assured that it is in safe hands and being looked after by someone you can trust. We also know that every owner may wish to use their properties differently – some will come for the weekends and let the families and friends use it for their holidays; others will rarely or never visit and will want to rent it on a regular basis! Whatever your preferences are, Kuşadası Property Management will make sure that our varied services suit your needs and your lifestyle.