If you are away from your property in Kusadasi, it is extremely important to be sure that there is someone you can trust. We offer our comprehensive Property Management Package to ensure that everything is carried out to your satisfaction. We ensure that every aspect of our management process is dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively. Our package is valid for one year. The following services are included in this package:


We provide security services such as installing alarm systems and security cameras, as well as finding security staff.


This service includes 2 thorough cleanings of your property in a month. Our housekeeping staff cleans all the rooms, bathrooms/WC, balconies, patios, kitchen, and windows. All cleaning material and housekeeping expenses are included to the pack.


Your monthly bills and taxes, which include your water bills, electricity bills, property tax, buildings and contents insurance, earthquake insurance and all other kinds of bills, can be paid on your behalf. Please note that the bill costs are not included in our pack price. We charge for paying the bill only.


We check on the receiving and sending of your mail and inform you about the process. Any post which arrives for you while you are away can either be forwarded to you, or, should you wish, scanned and uploaded to your online file archive* for you to access at your leisure.


Two copies of your key will be held securely in our office for the monthly checks and other services. The other copies are kept by the property owner. Changing the lock and the new key costs are included in the package.


We see to all the maintenance checks and repair services on your water/electrical installations, and on the general upkeep of your property such as painting, plastering and carpentry services.


We keep your swimming pool in a good condition by regularly checking on the installation (pump, filter, heating, etc) and on the quality of the water. We add the necessary cleaning products and clean the pool and filtration system.


When you are away and might miss the some of the regular Residents Committee meetings, you may nominate a delegate to report issues, make requests and vote on decisions on your behalf.


We can act as an intermediary for you with your chosen insurance company, particularly in the event of any damage claim and follow up thereof.

  • For those who wish to take advantage of our file archiving service to store copies of documents and accounts, we will organise an e-mail account in your name and provide you with all necessary security and access codes.