Kusadasi Property Management offers extensive services to manage your complex. The package includes dealing with the legal matters, maintenance, and all necessary arrangements. Here are the services included in the package:

Site Committee

On condition that the requirements of the law are reserved and in accordance with the requirements of Act No.634 (Act of Independent Ownership), which states that for building(s) with more than 8 (eight) independent units, the owners are required to organize and vote for a Management Committee. The Committee usually includes a manager, a site supervisor, a secretary, and other officers that the site committee sees fit to appoint (as stated in the management plan).

Kusadasi Property Management helps organize the initial meeting for electing the Committee by sending invitation letters to all the property owners. >Click for the example invitation letter.

During this initial meeting the following topics are discussed:

  • Election of the officers (the manager, the site supervisor, the secretary, and other officers)
  • Reading and signing of the Management Plan.
  • Signing of the Site Book which contains all the relevant information and decisions pertaining to the Site.
  • Determining and appointing the management company.
  • Remember: If you are not able to attend the initial meeting, you can appoint a representative by writing a letter of authorization.


    Kusadasi Property Management helps you keep the books for the annual budget of your complex, so that you can track the expenses, communal bills, and dues.


    Kusadasi Property Management takes care of your complex and keeps it well-groomed.


    We keep your swimming pool in a good condition by regularly checking on the installation (pump, filter, heating, etc) and on the quality of the water. We add the necessary cleaning products and clean the pool and filtration system. We take care of all the installation at the beginning and end of the season.


    We arrange the cleaning of the communal areas, stairs and walking areas. We guarantee that all parts of the estate will be clean and in good order for 12 months.


    Our services include clearance, decking, fencing and trellising, lawn laying and turfing, maintenance of the pergolas and arbors, patios and paths, paving and walling, planting and installing water features.


    We provide security services such as installing alarm systems and security cameras, as well as finding security staff


    Upon your request, our representative visits the complex 2 times a week for getting the requests and complaints from the residents.